Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Doc track ART Cycles and Embryo inventory?

A: The Doc ART tab found in each patient's chart allows users to create ART Cycles, input retrieval information, record Embryo observation information, see frozen and fresh inventory, and document cycle outcome information.

This data may then be exported and uploaded to the SART website.

Q: Does Doc support dictation software?

A: Yes! Since dictation software simulates a keyboard, Doc accepts spoken entries. Currently Dragon Naturally Speaking is used by numerous clients with great success.

Q: Our practice is used to using our own documents. Do I have to use Doc's built-in documentation?

A: Though Doc comes with all of the necessary templates to documents your clinic's activities, Doc Support personnel will take your paper documents and turn them into digital templates so that users can quickly fill out and save information.

Any number of templates may be created and customized to allow your users to use the documentation they have come to use everyday.

Q: Can I upload paper documents into Doc?

A: Labels printed in the patients' Doc chart are placed onto paper documents and scanned using your own network scanner. Our DocScanRouter application will then read the barcode(s) and place them in the correct patient chart(s) in Doc.

Doc is able to sort batch scans even if they include multiple types of documents and/or multiple patients.

Q: How does Doc handle scheduling?

A: Patients may be schedule in Doc through its Appointments section. Existing practices utilizing a Practice Management solution which has HL7 capabilities may send appointments made there to Doc.

More FAQ coming soon!